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Harmon is a comedian/filmmaker/author. His books include The American Dream, Republican Like Me, The Infiltrator, The Brothers Rjukerooka, and National Lampoon’s Road Trip USA.  His other stories have appeared in Esquire, Salon, NPR’s, This American Life, Details, Maxim, High Times, Hustler, Penthouse, Black Book, Cosmopolitan, and Wired. 

Harmon has appeared on The Howard Stern Show, Penn &Teller’s Bullshit, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, VH1, Court TV, Blind Date, as well as the BBC. Harmon also costarred with the infamous OJ Simpson on a hidden camera reality show called Juiced!

He’s performed comedy around the world, including the Montreal, Edinburgh, Dublin, Galway, Vancouver, Adelaide and Melbourne Comedy Festivals.

Harmon is low in sodium and perfect for the elderly.

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Mr. McGinty has been involved with all things Interweb since his original contributions to the TCP/IP stack implementation in IEEE RFC POE 2112 in 1969.

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Scott Calonico, as opposed to Harmon, is a filmmaker/comedian/author. His short films include, „LSD A Go Go”, „The King and Dick”, „Full Metal Slacks” and „Safety First”. His films have shown at Sundance, Tribeca, American Film Institute, Slamdance, Rotterdam, Winterthur, Switzerland and even Hot Springs Arkansas.

As part of the comedy duo „Scott and Stacey”, he was a runner-up in the Funniest Person in Austin Contest and performed at the Austin Out of Bounds Improv Festival and the San Francisco Sketchfest. While in London, he has performed in the Amused Moose and Laughing Horse Comedy Festivals and also appeared next to Harmon on stage in Edinburgh wearing a wig.

He recently completed his Masters in International Journalism at City University in London. Give him a job.

Scott’s proudest moment is appearing on the Judge Joe Brown show as the „Bachelor Party Stripper Guy”.

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