Alex Jones – Chasing the NWO all the way to the bank!



Oh Alex Jones. How much crazy fun you are.

I love his rants about the New World Order.

But – Alex shouldn’t be worrying so much – the New World Order has made him plenty of money…

Mr. Jones is also against the fluoridation of water, that FEMA is building prisons to lock all of us up (a search of the FEMA website doesn’t turn anything on the subject up) and that a shadowy group of the world elite gather in California and perform human sacrifices in front of a giant owl.

Jones (and plenty of other people) also think that the US Government was behind 9/11. He led a huge protest at the World Trade Center site. The conspiracy minded people believe that WTC owner Larry Silverstein was part of the reason behind the collapse. They think that Silverstein had the buildings pre-wired with explosives because it landed him a windfall profit with the insurance on the site. Mr. Jones even led a crowd of people to Larry Silverstein’s office that day and stood outside his office calling him a “murderer“.

You’ve got to believe Jones because just take a look at all these goodies you can get at the store. Don’t forget to purchase your SIGNED edition of 9/11 Descent into Tyranny!

So we here at Freedom Haters were wondering exactly what all that money can purchase. Well, for one, it gets you a pretty sweet house in Austin, Texas.

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