Alex Jones – His Secret Masters Revealed!!!

Everyone’s favorite conspiracy nut bag is back again!!!

Yes, Alex Jones pops his head back up in the news, only this time, the news ain’t so good.

You read the stories about the kid who went crazy and shot three Pittsburgh cops because of a dog urinating incident?

Guess what one of his favorite web sites was?

That’s right, Infowars, home of our good friend Alex Jones!

The Pittsburgh post has a pretty good story about the shooter, including the fact that he thought the government was coming to take his guns away and his postings to the Stormfront neo-nazi web site.

Of course, the Jonsians are all up in arms about this. They correct a number of things wrong in the original article, including the fact that Jones is a „paleoconservative” (?).

But Jones, is, in fact, a paleoconservative only on the surface.

As much as he likes to bluster on and talk about the NWO, it sure has made him a lot of money.

If you’d like to take a refresher, go over here and read Part 1 about how Alex Jones may be one of those truly responsible for 9/11.

Then, when you think you’re ready to handle the truth, follow the link below to read the whole story about who Alex Jones is really working for.

Remember…there’s a war on, for your wallet!!!

So the first step in this operation is to, as the conspiracy theorists say, follow the money…

Alex Jones runs a site called Infowars. Ok, fine and dandy. We’ll check with the State Comptroller of Texas, to see if he’s registered as a Texas company…

Try it for yourself and see, if you want to play along. This is all public information.

Whoah. Low and behold, there they are…

Infowars LLC is registered as a Texas LLC. Alrighty, nothing suspicious about that. Although a follow up on the company name says that they aren’t registered to pay Texas State Sales Tax. But then, they do a lot of business over the Internet, and I’m not a tax attorney, so I can’t comment on the significance of that item.

What the entry above does is also give us the address of Infowars, LLC.

Let’s take a look at that….

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