Alex Jones town Cult Mother Speaks Out!

OK. This was a little strange.

We got this email from a mother who had lost her son to the Alex Jones Cult.

A quick Google search turned up enough information to convince us that the email seemed legit, or that someone spent a lot of time concocting a fake background.

I couldn’t offer much solace other than point out the obvious – Alex Jones is a snake oil salesman.

Before I moved to Belfast, I was a long time Austin, Texas resident and knew all about Jones. This was back when he was just the „crazy guy” holding up newspaper articles on the community access channel.

But with the advent of the Internet, the man has turned into a genuine conspiracy enterprise. I think he probably believes a lot of what he’s preaching, but the hypocracy of what he’s saying is probably lost on him by this point.

Namely, he loves preaching against big government and evil corporations, but doesn’t seem to have a problem when those corporations help him buy a house with his 9/11 blood profits, or when his lawyer donates $500 to the Re-Elect George Bush campaign.

Anyway – here’s the email we got. If anyone has any other ideas, please feel free to comment:

We’ve literally lost our 30 yr. old son to the Alex Jones cult and we don’t know what to do. It started out with FEMA camps and the Loose Change video. Now it’s the Obama Deception and Health Reform Death camps etc. Our son started out just requesting we look at this stuff and now he’s cutting out everyone in the family who tells him that all of this stuff is crap. He’s become paranoid, everyone is out to get him…. the government is monitoring our every move, Cash for Clunkers is a way for the government to control us. Alex Jones is a joke and I couldn’t get through one YouTube video of him spouting off without trying not to wet myself laughing when my son asked me to watch them. Now it’s no longer funny. We love our son but the damage Alex Jones has done to our family should be criminal. What can we do?

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