Ariana Grande: Do not scare her terrorism

Ariana Grande is aimed only American singer 24 years, which makes the world a stunning career. It was during her concert there was a terrorist attack in Manchester.

Young star R & B and pop was born in 1993 in Florida, USA. She is the daughter Joan Grande, president of Hose-McCann Communications and its Butery Edward, graphic designer. It owes its name of a fictional character appearing in the animated series „The Cat Felix”.

Sicilian roots Grande having started her career at age 8, when he appeared in the Philharmonic Orchestra of South Florida. First appearance before TV cameras by Ariana was singing the national anthem, „The Star-Spangled Banner” Team Florida Panthers. There was also a New York jazz club Birdland.

In 2008, she starred in the Broadway musical exhibited at the „13” in which she played the role of Charlotte. She received her prize Association of National Youth Theater.

Among young viewers he began to be recognized when she was cast in the role of Cat Valentine on youth sitcom „Victorious.” But it is not associated with satellite Grande your future, and the music industry. The performance in the television series made the Grande managed to get the cast of another musical, „Cuba Libre.”

In 2010, when the decision to focus on his music career was sure Ariana began work on recording their debut album. In December 2012 she released her single „Put Your Hearts Up”. The debut album „Yours Truly” was released in August 2013 and since then march conquered the American charts.

Despite a growing career as a vocal Grande never really gone away from acting, because they still appeared in TV series and films targeted to teens. Manufacturers quickly appreciated its very girly look, therefore we manned it in such roles. Grande repeatedly collaborated with other stars of contemporary pop music. They were Nicki Minaj, Macy Gray and Justin Bieber.

I recently got a loud loud when Ariana May 22 after her concert in Manchester there was a terrorist attack. The singer declared in their statements sympathy and support for families of victims of the attack and the victims. It has confirmed that her next concert in Manchester victims’ families will have free admission.

Grande was raised in the Roman Catholic religion, but when her brother revealed his homosexuality abandoned the faith explaining the criticism of homosexuals by the authority of the church. Ariana avowed vegan, he is allergic to cats, fish and bananas. In his home in Los Angeles przygarniętymi care of several dogs.

Ariana Grande, who previously led a „quiet life” pop stars become a recognizable around the world. However, despite this he decided not to use the tragedy of people who suffered in the terrorist attack to promote oneself, as did other celebrities – including Madonna and Kim Kardasian. Grande still has all his life and certainly has a lot more to show. Gifted with the soprano actress can still amaze and sometimes it’s not just his girlish appearance.

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