Cockfighting in the U.S.A: What Defenders Say About It

 A while back I filmed a short documentary about cockfighting in Louisiana that took place in the town of St. Martinsville.

Need I say, I took a strong stance against cockfighting.

Sure, what’s there not to hate about two roosters that are bred to fight it out to the death in a ring (cockpit) while men wager on who will be the winner?

The really astonishing thing; when I posted the video on YouTube I got a slew of comments from people who were actually pro-cockfighting. In their idyllic world, there would actually be more cockfighting. Quicker than you can say reinstate-Michael-Vick-in-the-NFL, it was pointed out that I was actually the ignorant one.

Here’s a taste of what these proud Americans had to say about my anti-cockfighting video. Some responses are just plain confusing:

Guess the HUSU should show up like they did in Tennessee at a rooster fight and GAS everyone one of the harmless chickens. Gass barrels used to kill them all while they struggle and fight for their life. Rather see them do what comes naturally to them and fight to the death naturally than PETA and HUSU get involved and kill/torture to death everyone with poison gas chambers/barrels. What a sad joke the public is conned into.
The Gamecock is a true warrior meant for battle. So all you dog or cat loving french kissing freaks are the ones that need to be checked. Come on think about it, we fight gamecocks because that is exactly what they were put on this earth for. I really don’t think God meant for Humans to french kiss their animals after they’ve licked their asses and genitals clean, but you do it anyways. Now, who’s the one that needs help?

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