FOIE GRAS for the Holidays!

Whether it’s Christmas or Hanukkah (for our little Jewish friends) nothing says the holidays like……………..FOIE GRAS!

Yes, no matter what religion you attest to, the one thing we all can agree upon is that the enlarged liver of a duck forced-fed corn-feed with a metal pipe trumpets, „Seasons Greeting!” We at Freedom Haters would like to provide some useful  Froie Gras-tastic ideas on how you (Christmas or Hanukkah-lover) can enjoy the holidays.

Yes, here are a few suggestions to make foie gras part of your festive holiday tradition:

See the eyes on the kids light up when its time for homemade foie gras cookies! Come and get `em!

Looks like regular, ordinary Hanukkah gelt. Not quite. These chocolate coins are made entirely from foie gras.

Hanukkah cupcakes? Guess again. These holiday confectionaries are filled with only the finest froie gras from 8 week old ducks. Force-feed yourself with delight this holiday!

Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice! Most ducks used in foie gras have been naughty that’s why they’ve been forced-fed over 4 lbs of corn mush at a time through a metal tube. You, on the-other-hand have been nice, so why not enjoy this delicious foie gras yuletide log!


Do you have a favorite foie gras holiday treat? We at Freedom Haters would love to hear it!

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