Franken versus Coulter

Ah yes, two passing ships in the middle of the night. At one time they both shined oh-so-brightly; vastly different, but yet vastly the same. Al Franken and Ann Coulter were the poster kids for the extreme left and right. But times have changed. Democrat Al Franken will be declared the winner of the Minnesota race for Senate. Hurrah! On the other hand, Ann Coulter has been reportedly banned for life by NBC after they abruptly canceling an appearance on the Today show.

At one time the two sat chummy, side-by-side, in a tete a tete praising which famous icon from history they’d most like to be. Coulter quipped FDR in order to put a halt to the New Deal, while Franken praised his longing to be Hitler in order to call off, well, the Holocaust (but he’d keep the Volkswagen):

Here’s a little Freedom Haters salute to Ann  Coulter in all her uber-conservative glory! First her astute opinion on Jews. Go, Ann, go!

What does Ann think of Middle Eastern people?

Finally, Ann gives the Sarah Palin approach to a question on Canadian troops in Vietnam:


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