Furry Fandom Infiltration 

This weekend Freedom Haters infiltrated the world of furry fandom at the FURther Confusion convention in San Jose, on assignment for our friends at Penthouse. In summary, furry are those who like anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes. That’s fine; who doesn’t enjoy seeing chimps wearing „people clothes.”

But there’s a whole niche sect of the furrys who are REALLY into the sexual aspect i.e. sex between the hybrid of human meets animal. 
Then it gets a little weird. Especially when you see a man wearing a wolf/human hybrid on his T-Shirt, glancing at furry pornography of a wolf/human having graphic sex with a unicorn, while holding his actually wolf-like dog on a leash. (I won’t even go into details about the drawings of the unicorns being fisted by a horse, or a giraffe having its salad-tossed by a wolf.)

Though, this Freedom Hater donned a furry outfit comprised of numerous leftover Halloween costumes (pig mask, bear ears, furry vest), which one convention-goer thought was Man/Bear/Pig from South Park, I ended up getting kicked out of FURther Confusion after asking too many questions about a simulated dragon vagina. (It’s called Fem Dragon in the catalog.) Maybe there was too much Freedom Hater snickering when the creator of this line of adult dragon-themed sex toys had to explain that the Fem Dragon is just a prototype and wont be out until later this year because he discovered during market research, „We made the hole too small.”

I realized, this was the first time I ever looked directly at a man who has willingly fucked a simulated dragon vagina.I guess when wanting to fit in with the furry fandom community, one should never question another’s use of a scaly Fem Dragon.


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