Nacho Thursdays: How to Make Nacho Cheese Bread Pudding

Out of tortilla chips but happen to have a dozen eggs and plenty of stale bread?

Make this savory nachoey nacho cheese bread pudding instead.

A Freedom Haters Nacho Thursday Exclusive!!

Bread pudding acts like it’s doing you a big favor by getting rid of your cabinet of stale bread; in fact, you’ll also need heavy cream and a lot of eggs, if you have any.
Plus, make sure the stale bread is ideal for dessert; otherwise, prepare to eat poppyseed rye with raisins.
Fear bread pudding no longer, with one can of nacho cheese and our exclusive recipe, after the jump:
Nacho Cheese Bread Pudding
Makes enough
1. Find a recipe for bread pudding in a cookbook.
2. Replace sweet ingredients like sugar, raisins, nutmeg, vanilla extract, brown sugar, walnuts, and chocolate with black pepper, cayenne pepper, jalepeno peppers and half a can of nacho cheese.

3. Add parsley and cilantro, if you must.
4. Make recipe.
5. Cool away from people.
6. Taste. Photograph results.

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