Religious Freedom Part One

Does this Look Like an Evil Cult Leader to You…?

Thank-you for reading my first blog on religious freedom.

Anyone who has followed my writing on this website (as Canaderek and as Rev Neil Pudding)  knows that I like joking about religious practices. I made up two silly cults ( Elbonism & SOK ) and told stupid jokes about them for a few months. Then, my life turned in a different direction, very suddenly.

After being contacted by someone from the Scientology religion, I began to learn about L. Ron Hubbard and the science of Dianetics from a different perspective. Unfortunately, it seems to me that there have been a lot of people making serious (not jokes) accusations about Scientologists. Although many of these cases have gone to court, Scientologists are nearly always found innocent of any crimes and their opponents guilty of slander. When I hear skeptics claim that perhaps judges and juries have been bought off by secret, undercover Scientology spies, etc., I begin to wonder whether „skeptic” is the correct term for such muddle-brained, straw-grasping conspiracy theorists.

The fact is, many people who submit themselves to Hubbard’s tech find that it helps them enormously. I know I have. As I typed those words, I felt I bit of a queasy reaction in my stomach. I KNOW that I will be mocked for my recent interest in Scientology and to be honest, I don’t know if I can take the pressure of being treated like an idiot for my religious beliefs. The point is, I’m trying and that makes me proud of myself.

By the way, no one from the Church has told me to stop talking to my family and friends. The idea of them doing so is absolutely ridiculous. Some of my friends are already behaving differently towards me, and if they can’t accept that I’m now taking a path that’s different from their’s, then I will CHOOSE to make other friends – I won’t be told to.

I’m still very new to Scientology and technically pre-Clear, but if the hunch of someone I’ve recently come to respect is correct, I may have something of a head start. I’ll explain what that means later.

BIG Thanks to Freedom Haters co-creator Scott Calonico for allowing me to continue writing for the site!


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