Robots Run Amok And Get Humans Drunk At Barbot 2010

This week I attended Barbot 2010 at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.

For the evening, as a way to promote the upcoming city-wide RoboGames, bipedal hominid bartenders were replaced by mechanized versions that came in many shapes, sizes, and designs. And all around us, we witnessed robots and humans working together for a common purpose: to help attendees get drunk.

Inspired by the awesome Vienna-based festival Roboexotica (aka Festival fur Cocktail-Robotnik), Barbot was brought to our shores three years ago by David Calkin as a prelude to his expo, RoboGames.

But instead of robots battling it out to the death, their purpose is to pour the perfect cocktail for tech maestros, programmers, cyberpunks and those who just plain love booze.

After all the cocktails are consumed, who will be left standing: man or machine?

It was a delightful, picturesque evening of robotic/booze fun. If you want to check out the full photo story just follow the link to Asylum.

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