Scientology: A History of Violence and Apologizes for Battlefield Earth

 It’s been a bad week for the cult of Scientology. Two big allegations have been slapped on the religion started by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard.

First, Anderson Cooper is on a one-man crusade against those who evolved from the Planet Xenu. CNN has have been conducting a week-long series on the history of violence inside the Church of Scientology.  Last night we heard from former high-ranking officials within the church’s Sea Organization (these religious members actually wear sacred sailor outfits) who say they either witnessed or were physically assaulted by cult leader David Miscavige. Know what?  The Church of Scientology strongly denies these allegations. An Australian Scientologist on Cooper’s show said making attacks against Miscavige is just like making attacks against the Pope.

Then, another one-two punch to the religion Tom Cruise calls his own.  Battlefield Earth screenwriter JD Shapiro has come out publicly to apologize for penning the infamous script for the John Travolta vehicle based on Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard’s 1981 novel. The filmed picked up the Razzie for worst movie of the decade.

What’s next for the cult of Scientology? Will E-meters soon be recalled because they contain lead-based paint?

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