The hairstyles and hairstyles you want to copy from the series ‚Game of Thrones’

The popular HBO series, ‚Game of Thrones’ has once again achieved, with its seventh season, revolutionizing social networks, which impatiently awaited its premiere this weekend. And not only the plots have us hooked or their famous cameos as the singer Ed Sheeran, but also their hairstyles are very fashionable.

Hairstyles that are trends, trendy hair colors and especially perfect hairstyles to attend events have made the passion for the series go beyond the plots and mysteries that the series hides.

Cersei Lannister and the haircut by which the famous bets

Cersei Lannister at the beginning of the series wore a long mane. However, recently the series made her wear a very fashionable haircut this summer. This is the cut pixie, a cut that has dared celebrities like Michelle Williams, Katy Perry or Cara Delevingne.

perfect cut for the summer season for being the freshest that increasingly famous have dared to wear it, especially in blonde platinum, a very popular color that has been raging since spring.

Daenerys Targaryen and the most copied hairstyle series

One of the most popular characters in ‚Throne Game’ is definitely Daenerys Targaryen who wears one of the most copied hairstyles ever since she appeared in the series. And is that the young woman with XXL mane looks a medieval style hairstyle.

In recent years, the braids have become viral. In the case of the personage Daenerys Targaryen carried out by Emilia Clarke, it shines a mane to the wind with some waves and braids of root in blonde platinum. A hairstyle you’ll see even in big events like weddings!

Arya Stark with the popular hairstyle for men

Little Arya Stark has become one of the most talked about characters in this series’ last season. And her haircut is one of the most popular today in the Street Style. The young woman wears a mane by the shoulders with cut straight and stripes to the side as it looked years ago the actress of ‚The Land’, Emma Stone.

Cathelyn Tully and the hair color they all want

Cathelyn Tully wears the hair color that currently triumphs with the blonde platinum that bears the Personage Daenerys Targaryen in the series. It is the bronde tone in dark key, a color very similar to that seen by the popular Hollywood actress, Julianne Moore. A color that more and more women are betting on.


Ygritte and Sansa Stark make braids fashionable

And finally, we return to the collection that triumphs in the series, the braids, which also appear the characters Ygritte and Sansa Stark. The actress who plays Ygritte wears her mane collected in a relaxed style braid while Sansa Stark wears two braids at the root with the rest of her hair loose, a hairstyle that sweetens her face.

And you, are you also a fan of the ‚Game of Thrones’ hairstyles?

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